Best top 5 trimmers for bachelors and college students 2020-2021

Best top 5 trimmers for bachelors and college students 2020-2021

The trend of today’s time is beards and facial hairs. Your whole look enhanced if your beard is perfectly trim or well-groomed. To groom or trim your beard in a masterpiece You need some grooming essentials like a scissor, trimmer, and razor. I hope good scissors and razors are normally available at everybody’s home. And … Read more

Best Earphones In India Under 550 Rupees

Best Earphones In India Under 550 Rupees

Hello friends, our today’s article is dedicated to all audio lovers out there. we bring the list of top 5 Best Earphones In India Under 550 Rupees because in this article we have done some serious research to bring out the best of the best Earphones for you guys. you can buy these earphones for … Read more

Best Water Heater Brand In India For Home (buyer’s guide)

Best Water Heater Brand In India For Home (buyer's guide)

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Best water heater brand in India for home. majorly storage type electric water heater because most people use storage type geysers in their home.However, Storage type geysers are one of the most popular in usage because of its easy fitting and longevity.There are mainly … Read more

Best Air Purifier in India For 2021

These days need for an air purifier is making much more sense now because of ever-increasing the level of air pollution in major and even minor cities around the entire country causing people to become ill.if ignored, polluted air particles pose a very high risk of developing respiratory illness and even in the future, it … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speakers India

best bluetooth speakers

Best quality sound that made your day Best Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to VIEWBOT.IN India’s round-up of the best Bluetooth speakers.  Bluetooth speakers have made some amazing progress from being big and feeble to small and good in sound quality. They are currently made to be utilized for your own needs just as a … Read more

Best CCTV Camera For Home SECURITY

cctv camera for home security

The new technology wave of connected home security cameras has created our lives easier. These cameras connect themselves to the house LAN network to record videos, send alerts, stream live video on your smartphone. These security cameras have these days become AN integral part of most of the homes in India. the businesses keep creating these cameras smarter by pushing new updates on them. The camera quality has conjointly returned a protracted method for these security cams. … Read more

Best DSLR Camera to buy in 2020


The best DSLRs to purchase today and DSLRs do even now convey genuine influence, better picture quality, and value for money  We’ve listed the top 10 DSLRs these beginners level DSLRs is for those we believe are the best all-round decision for learners, yet we rate them just for various reasons, so it relies upon … Read more