Best Air Purifier in India For 2021

These days need for an air purifier is making much more sense now because of ever-increasing the level of air pollution in major and even minor cities around the entire country causing people to become ill.
if ignored, polluted air particles pose a very high risk of developing respiratory illness and even in the future, it progresses into much more dangerous diseases.
Having an air purifier at home, especially an air purifier that takes care of allergies bacteria and viruses that are brought on with the changing season.
there are several air purifier available in the market, here’s our list of the best air purifier in India offering features that try to lower pollutants levels in your home or office.



Power Consumption (W):6-38 watts
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):430 sq ft
Noise Level (dB):23 – 53 db
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):315m³/hr
Filter Type:Hepa
Dimensions:380 X 380 X 320 mm

One of the best purifier IQAIr HealthPro 250 is an incredible air purifier that fulfills customer needs. healthpro 250 provides better air quality in their homes, the cost of this air purifier is a little bit high. For the individuals who experience the ill effects of breathing issues, It is probably the most ideal alternative to look over the present moment. It comes with an F8 PreMax Filter, the V5-Cell MG channel, which comprises of an actuated carbon particle, and a clinic grade H12/13 HEPA filter. it can cover a region of up to 800 sq. ft. and one can likewise conduit the air purifier for better is the best purifier for allergy person



Power Consumption (W):48 / 28 / 1.3
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):680
Noise Level (dB):NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):NA
Filter Type:High density Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter
Dimensions:416 x 720 x 292

The Sharp FP J180 covers a wide range area of 680 square feet, the performance of the Sharp FP-J180 is outstanding a Plasmacluter ion generator combined with an activated charcoal filter with H14 grade HEPA filter, the Sharp FP-J80 is best suited for people who have respiratory problems. The sharp FP J180 is the best for home.



Power Consumption (W):40W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):600 sq.ft
Noise Level (dB):NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):N
Filter Type:360° Glass HEPA
Dimensions:20.5 x 24.8 x 76.4

The air purifier Dyson Pure Hot Cool is good in performance and even perform well in check test. it was able to decrease the amount of harmful air particles. it also contains an air circulation system that circulates hot air which comes in very handy in the winter season to increase the room temperature. this air purifier not only looks good but works well as well it also work on automatic mode so you don’t need to hassle.



Power Consumption (W):38 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):484ft2
Noise Level (dB):64 dB
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):NA
Filter Type:HEPA, Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon
Dimensions:24 X 52 X 24

The Xiaomi is a well-known brand in the world and with the wide range of its products mi presented MI Air purifier 3. this purifier comes with the iconic OLED screen to display all the settings and change the air quality matrix-like PM 2.5 levels. The Xiaomi Mi air purifier 3 features 360-degree air intake design that absorbed all the harmful air particle present the in the room with its powerful motor.
MI got the true HEPA filter and expelling out from the top and it prevents air bubble effect. it also comes with an AI like goggle assistant and Alexa.



Power Consumption (W):1.2 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):520 sq ft
Noise Level (dB):43 dB
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):408 CMH
Filter Type:HEPA, Pre-Filter, Deodorization Filter, Activated Carbon
Dimensions:416 X 720 X 292

The sharp FP j60m is the air purifier which most expert prefer for personal use in there home and workplaces, and it is one of the best air purifier we have tested.
This device support plasmacluster technology that creates plasmacluster shot which is basically burst of positive and negative ions that helps to remove viruses bacteria and also harmful pathogens.
This device is highly efficient thanks to the H14 grade HEPA and relatively average filter size. The power consumption is 1.2 w of electricity.



Power Consumption (W):20- 80 watts
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):279 sq. ft
Noise Level (dB):32 – 56 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):200 cfm
Filter Type:Room
Dimensions:530 x 440 x 210

the Blueair classic 280I is made for rooms size of 270 to 280 sq. Ft. Of area. It has a unique feature like air quality detectors that speed up the fan automatically whenever it senses drop in the air quality of the room.
the blueair classic 280I also contains a patent HEPA silent technology, which reduce sound of device. Is also has a screen to display wifi connectivity, current fan speed status and air filter status and it also display air quality of the room including PM 2.5 and voc levels.
The Blueair Classic 280I comes with Blueair friend app which you can download from google play store and this app will let you control all the functions remotely without touching the air purifier.

7. SAMSUNG AX 5000


Power Consumption (W):80 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):93.1
Noise Level (dB):45 dB (A)
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):773m³/hr
Filter Type:Hepa Filter
Dimensions:360 x 1054 x 284

the samsung ax 5000 is capable of producing clean air in just 45 minutes of run time.
It does not have a app compatibility but there are some other element that are quite good in term of features.
the samsung ax 5000 has activated carbon filter with HPEA filter and its filter life is over 8000 hours.
If your need is to buy high performing air purifier it is the one device that will fulfil your requirement. it misses a lot of features but it high performance worth it all.



Power Consumption (W):45 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):860 sq ft
Noise Level (dB):NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):310 m³/h
Filter Type:Air Purifer and Humidifier
Dimensions:20 x 35 x 30 cms

the phillips series 3000 air purifier features a display to show you air quality index of your room.
It can also humidify the air upto 60 percent with its humidifying feature.
This device require area upto 80sq m and has CADR of 310 cubic meter per hour. it consume the electricity upto 45w.



Power Consumption (W):NA
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):NA
Noise Level (dB):NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):70
Filter Type:HEPA
Dimensions:7.7 x 4.3 x 40.1 inches

The Dyson pure cool comes with a lot of features like voice commands, the diffused flow of air and much more this device is for those people who looking for a good looking air purifier with a packed full of features.
It has a very unique design which makes it looks sleek which set it apart from another air purifier available today in the Indian market.
The Dyson pure cool comes with Dyson link app which you can download from google play store. it equipped with HEPA filter made of borosilicate glass, it capable of trapping particle size of 0.1 microns.
It has a total of 2 filter inbuilt in it another one is made of activated carbon with tris coated graphite that absorbs harmful gases and also removes odors.
Over all, it is also one of the best air purifiers we come up today for you.




Power Consumption (W):50
Coverage Area(sq.ft.):677
Noise Level (dB):33
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h):270
Filter Type:Extra-thick NanoProtect TRUE HEPA Series 1 Filter

The philips series 1000 is a portbale air purifier, and it come with a pack of features that you will ever need from a portable air purifier. The air purifier can able to absorb pollutants like pm2.5 using combinations of its vitashiled IPS and nano protect pro HEPA filter. It also removes the harmful gases such as formaldehyde.
In auto mode there’s a real time air quality check on its dashboard

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