Best Earphones In India Under 550 Rupees

Hello friends, our today’s article is dedicated to all audio lovers out there. we bring the list of top 5 Best Earphones In India Under 550 Rupees

because in this article we have done some serious research to bring out the best of the best Earphones for you guys. you can buy these earphones for under just 550 rupees.

we give more importance to the audio quantity, driver size, and cable type of the product while making this list of Best Earphones In India.

top 5 Best Earphones In India

JBL C50 HI Earphones

5.JBL C50 HI Earphones


  • 9 mm driver
  • In-line Mic
  • Multiple Colors (Black, Blue, Red)

JBL is a big brand when it comes to the audio industry. it is a world-famous brand and people love JBL for its good music quality and good looking design.
JBL C50 HI earphones come with L shape connector and durable wire and 9 mm drives.

it has an inline mic inbuilt which is very helpful for receiving the call. JBL C50 HI earphones provide balanced sound output.

The price of JBL C50 HI earphones is 499 which is pretty much affordable for everyone.
JBL C50 HI comes with 3 different color options. ( red, black, blue)

4. BoAT Bassheads 152/172


  • 10 mm driver
  • In-Line Mic
  • Tangle-Free Design
  • Braided Cable
  • Multiple Colors (Black, Red, White Pearl, Maroon Mirage, Thunder Purple)

The boat is a new and super popular brand in India in terms of audio accessories. Boat bassheads 152/172 comes with a unique design and it feels like a premium wired earphones.
Boat bassheads 152 and 172 models are quite similar just a bit different in design.

Boat 152 and 172 comes with 10 mm drives and Boat also packed it with an inline mic.
the unique colorful design and tangle-free wire which boat called braided cable.

you can choose between various color options. ( black, blue, red, white pearl, maroon mirage, thunder purple )
Price of Boat 152/172 earphones also 499.

3. Redmi Earphones


  • In-Line Mic
  • 10mm Driver
  • Tangle-Free Design
  • L-shaped Connector

redmi is one of the most selling Chinese brands in India. redmi earphones attractive design gives it a premium look.
The audio quantity in these headphones is fantastic and well balanced.

redmi earphones perfectly fit in the ear and it comes with a 10 mm driver.
inline mic which is pretty good in receiving voice. redmi also provides tangled free design so you don’t have to worry about getting your earphones tangle.

overall, it is a good and value for money product. The price of redmi earphones is 399 which is very low in cost compared to other brands make it the most affordable on our list.

2. Realme buds


  • 11mm Driver
  • In-Line Mic
  • Tangle-free Design
  • Magnetic Earbuds

It is the 1st earphones realme launch in this category. realme buds come with 11 mm drivers you can attach both earplugs with the magnet that are placed in the back of the earplugs.

Realme also provided tangle-free wire and inline mic.
you love the sound of realme buds because it is well balanced and a bass sound is just perfectly synced with music.

The price of realme buds is 460.
you can check it on amazon we are giving a link to

1. Realme buds classic


  • 14.2mm Driver
  • In-Line Mic
  • Tangle-Free Design
  • 2 color Black and White

real me buds classic is no. 1 in our list. it comes with a price tag of 399 and they have crazy 14.2 mm drivers. which is a pretty good deal for a price tag of 399.

real me buds classic earphones comes with an inline mic and tangle-free design which is more than enough.
it comes with 2 color options red and white.

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