Best Water Heater Brand In India For Home (buyer’s guide)

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Best water heater brand in India for home. majorly storage type electric water heater because most people use storage type geysers in their home.
However, Storage type geysers are one of the most popular in usage because of its easy fitting and longevity.
There are mainly two categories of electric geyser one is the instant geyser with the capacity to heat up to 1 to 6 lit. Of water instantly and another one is storage heaters with a heat capacity of 10 to 35 liters of water.

We are mainly going to tell you about storage type geysers and we will tell you which are the best electric geyser with 5-star ratings and give the best performance.
Firstly, before you buy a geyser you have to calculate your daily requirements of hot water, on average a single person needs a minimum of 5 liters of hot water. in conclusion, if you need a hot water geyser for 4 people your requirement would fulfill in a 20-liter water geyser.

1.Havells Puro Turbo 25-Litre Storage Heater


  • Feroglass coated tank
  • Warranty: 7 years on inner container, 4 years on heating element and 2 years comprehensive
  • PUF insulation prevents heat loss

Havells is a big industry in electrical appliances and its product quality meets all the demands of its customers.
the havells puro turbo hot water geyser comes with a capacity of 10, 15, and 25 liters of storage.
Havells puro turbo water geyser elegant design looks promising and you can choose various color options.
Most importantly, It is one of the best water heater brand in India for home. havells puro turbo has safety features like shock safe plug and its inner tank come with feroglas technology which means all electronic elements coated with glass, it also contains anode rode.

2.murphy richards lavo hot water geyser


  • Digital display for reading
  • knob to adjust the temperature
  • Glass lined tank for efficient heating
  • Warranty: 2 Years warranty on body, 4 years on heating element and 7 years on the tank

Murphy Richards is also a very big name in the electrical appliances industry. maximum customers of murphy Richards storage geysers give positive feedback on its products because of its build quality and durability.
moreover, it comes with a 5-star BEE rated energy saver with a sleek premium look to raise the style. Above all, it also offers a Digital display for reading and a knob to adjust the temperature of the water.
when it comes to capacity Murphy Richards provide 10, 15 and 25 liter model of its geyser. on amazon, Murphey Richards ranks as the best selling water heater in other words you can trust on this brand.

3.usha SWH aquagenie


  • 6 Safety features to protect against high temperature, pressure and dry heating
  • High Pressure with-standing capacity
  • magnesium anode rod
  • Blue Sapphire Enamel coating on tank to prevent from rust and to protect against hard water

Usha swh aquagenie comes with a storage capacity of 6, 10, 15, and 25 provide blue Sapphire Enamel coating on a tank to prevent rust and also protect against hard water.
Usha swh water heater also provides inner glass coating to its electrical parts and 6 Safety features are offered to protect against high temperature pressure, and dry heating.

4. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X Storage water heater


  • Inner Tank Material: Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Warranty: 7 years on inner tank, 2+1* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element and 2 years comprehensive
  • Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank

AO Smith is 23% stronger than standard stainless steel or copper tanks with the Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology which provides twice the corrosion resistance compared to other water heaters and it increases the life-span of the tank. and for that reason i think it is one of the best Water Heater Brand In India For Home.
Moreover, AO Smith water geyser is durable and energy conservative and because of its good performance over the years, it becomes India’s one of the best durable water heating systems for the home.

Above all, when it comes to the safety feature AO Smith includes a thermal cut-out system and also saves electricity.

5.havells monza eC 15-liter storage water heater


  • Feroglas technology
  • anode rod protects tank from corrosion
  • Warranty: 5 year warranty on inner container 2 year comprehensive warranty.
  • Adjustable knob

havells Monza ec is an efficient water heater for your bathroom. it features feroglass technology on its electrical elements and also includes Incoly Glass Coating for Heating Element to give the heater the extra durability for your use ensuring the long life span of the water heater.
Inner tank made of extra thick superior cold rolled steel and The water tubes are fitted with Whirl Flow Technology. In other words, It avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating and optimized energy-saving resulting in 20% more hot water output. the water heater comes along with an adjustable know which allows you to set water temperature according to your need.

6. v Guard calino DG


  • Stylish design
  • WARRANTY: 2 Years on Product; 3 Years on Heating Element; 7 Years on Inner Tank
  • over heat protection
  • Rust proof inner steel tank
  • Maximum heat retention

V guard calino water heater comes with 15L and 25L of water storage capacity. the water heater is very sleek and unique in designed to give your bathroom an additional classy distinctive touch.

Most importantly, if you are looking for that advanced electric geyser for the perfect hot shower v guard calino can meet all your needs.
It can easily be controlled by using a highly convenient temperature knob to adjust the temperature of the water.

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